Catherine Joseph-Emmanuel

Entrepreneur | Network Marketing Leader | Empowerment Coach

About Catherine

Born and raised on the beautiful island of St. Lucia, her humble beginnings are memories that she not only treasures but are the reasons she is driven to walk in and own her power.

Catherine rarely speaks of her childhood because she believes that her scars are a part of the reason that her success was non-negotiable. To grow up feeling ugly and dumb not only hinders your self-esteem but also your self-worth. Sexual abuse robs so many girls from the childhood that they deserve because they see themselves as a victim instead of how victorious they are because they survived it. While many of her childhood friends grew up carefree, she grew up not liking the girl in the mirror.

However, Catherine discovered at an early age that one person can make a difference. That one for her was her junior high school teacher Mrs. Meroe, who taught her to believe in herself and that she was indeed strong, smart, and beautiful. At a pivotal point in her life, she discovered, it’s not what happens to us but how we choose to respond to it will determine how we get through it. Now Catherine gets to be “that one” for so many and it is such a paycheck of the heart.

Catherine went from a little girl who felt insignificant and quite frankly “dumb” to being called a nerd, graduating high school in three years and getting her Bachelors’ Degree dual majoring in Acting & Directing and Business Management. She chose to not let the labels placed on her by others define her. She fought to become what she knew she authentically was; a woman called to inspire and transform lives.

Catherine’s love for God is evident in every conversation you have with her. She often says that when she looks back, she is so grateful to God that at every season in her life where challenges arose, He had angels in her corner to give her the push needed to stay the course and be a finisher. Catherine knows the value of hard work and she will always tell you it will always be worth it.

Catherine is a very direct person. Some may call her the no nonsense kind of coach because she will love you too much to leave you where you are. It is that approach to challenges that led her to promoting herself to the Top 1% of her company after only four months of getting started. She believes in that “do it right now mindset”, because if you go all in you just may surprise yourself. She loves working with women who know that they were meant for more and are ready to seize their moment right now.

There is power in knowing EVERYTHING that you are called to be! Are YOU ready to discover that? Tomorrow is not promised but what you choose today can set you up for a better tomorrow.


“You have to enjoy the process, while birthing your better. Daily tell yourself it WILL be worth it”


Catherine Joseph-Emmanuel